One of the best ways to advance your skillset in MI is to receive individualized coaching based on practice samples.  Coaching offers the opportunity to focus on personal areas of desired growth in MI, be it O.A.R.S., spirit, directionality, evoking change talk, or strategic approaches for particular client presentations.  Interview samples can be coded for increased specificity regarding your MI proficiency or competency.  Coaching session packages are also available.

Live Coaching/Feedback

Through Zoom, receive online MI consultation and coaching by video conference

Consultation and Organizational Development

I offer consultation services for mental health agencies, graduate education programs, medical training programs, family medicine practices, and other organizations interested in MI dissemination and trainee skill development, positive psychology, or wellness.  These services may include implementing A Happier You, designing an MI training implementation plan, enhancing patient-centered care, assisting with curriculum development, and creating a skills assessment process.