About the Program

A Happier You was developed in 2017 by Dr. Scott Glassman to help people achieve greater life satisfaction by increasing positive thoughts, feelings, and actions.  It’s a 7-session program that includes evidence-based practices from the field of positive psychology in 7 key areas: catching positive events, personal strengths and accomplishments, gratitude, humor, enjoyable and meaningful activities, kindness, and love.  The program has both group and individual formats, which can be completed in person or online. Participants report a greater intensity and wider variety of positive emotions at the end of the program, as well as fewer negative emotions.  They also say they feel more energetic.

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How Do I Enroll?

You can sign up for individual Happier You sessions today through the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine's Center for Brief Therapy.  Our use of Zoom technology allows you to complete the program no matter where you are. To start the registration process, please visit http://ahappieryou.org

If you are interested in the group version of the program or learning more about the Staying Positive community, please email Dr. Glassman at livingyourupside@gmail.com


Who Can Benefit?

The program is appropriate for anyone who wants to feel happier, including clients in outpatient counseling, patients in healthcare, employee wellness programs, and as part of leadership development.  It is not, however, a substitute for licensed professional therapy or a treatment for mental health or physical disorders.

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What Does It Cost and What Comes With The Program?

The program costs $250 for 7 sessions, approximately $35 a session. All participants in A Happier You receive:

  • A week-by-week workbook

  • Access to our mobile app with extra exercises

  • Cognitive flexibility tool (Happiness spinner)

  • 7 half-hour live individual sessions (online or in-person)

  • Membership in A Happier You alumni group

  • Consultation with Dr. Glassman

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Testimonials and Media


A Happier You has been featured on National Public Radio -WHYY, SiriusXM Doctor Radio, CBS News (syndication), NBC10 Philadelphia, and Academic Minute.  These are a few quotes about the program:

“Where I practiced gratitude once in a while, now I do it every day.” - Corrine L.

“I’m more patient now than I’ve ever been.  I listen more . . . This really works.” 
- Derek B.

“My pain is still there, but it’s in the background.  I don’t pay attention to it as much.”
- Pat B.

“They came out feeling motivated and optimistic.  Ultimately, I think it made them more invested in their treatment plans, which is everything when trying to get healthy.” 
- Dr. Peter Bidey, Family Physician